Our School

Trained Staff

All our staff are fully trained and regularly go on skills development courses in order to keep up to date with new teaching techniques. All staff attend compulsory first aid training every two years. Classes are equipped with an assistant teacher. The outdoor play area is divided into zones and each zone is monitored by a staff member during outdoor free play.

Extra Mural Activities

We offer many additional extra mural activities at the school that are run by external teachers. Some of these include, Experibuddies, Soccer Stars, Monkeynastics, Ballet but to name a few. These are done out of school times.

Our Garden

Our main attraction is our very large garden and outdoor play area. This provides ample room for children to run, climb and explore on multi leveled apparatus. We also have a very large covered sandpit area. We have a covered wrap around verandah for the children to play on, a large scooter track and many well established trees for children to play under in the hot Summer months. We also have a water play area for the summer months.(depending on current water restrictions)

Class Rooms

We have five classes in total at the school.  One 00 class (3-4 years), two Pre-grade R Classes (4-5 years) and two Grade R classes (5-6 years). Each class has a capacity of no more than 25 children per class.  “We believe in quality education not crowd control.”

Exciting Events

We have many events such as Mandela Day, Spring Day, Mini Sports Day but to name a few. We enjoy fun based additional activities that we do as fundraisers throughout the year.